Biomark offers a variety of tags and user-friendly reader choices from small hand-held readers to reader systems capable of powering a variety of antenna designs for remote monitoring applications. We offer FDX-B (134.2 kHz), HDX and FDX-A (125 kHz) tags in different sizes, performance levels and packing options to meet your specific application needs and budget. There are three easy to use handheld readers that are lightweight and ideal for mark and recapture tagging projects where the tagged animal can be scanned at close range. In addition, there is the powerful HPR Plus reader with many additional features than can be used for recapture reading or be set up with a fixed antenna for remote monitoring. The IS1001 reader is designed for large scale use and and support multiple antenna systems. 

Please contact our customer service and sales department to discuss your application and what products may best suit your needs. We are happy to provide product quotes at any time for budgeting and funding purposes.
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