Biomark has developed the HPR Plus readers from the ground up to incorporate features gleaned from discussions with the fish and wildlife community and our own Biological Services Department.  The reader provides decoding of ISO 11784/11787 FDX-B and HDX PIT tags, expanded tag storage (~1.6M), simple data retrieval via USB port, large display, water proof (IP67), and it floats.  With the HPR plus, location information (GPS) can be appended to tag codes in real time to provide reach level accuracy.  The HPR Plus features auto-tuning capability, eliminating the need for a tuning box and making it ideal for small scale monitoring applications.  The HPR Plus is compatable with all Biomark antennas operated by the FS2001F-ISO reader (cable adapters required).

Click for PDF with Specs &Tag Read Info

Custom Antennas als available.  

Reader includes:

  • HPR Plus Reader Base Unit
  • Racket Antenna
  • Biomark Carry Case
  • Battery Charger/Power Supply
  • USB-Flash & USB-PC Communication Cables
  • 2-Meter Antenna Cable
  • Test Tag 134.2 kHz (fish key chain)
  • User Manual (on flash drive
  • Desk stand
  • Handsrap


*The HPR Plus is available now and the HPR will be available in early 2013.

Custom Antennas for the HPR Plus

Biomark designs and manufactures all of its custom antennas in-house to ensure quality and durability. We offer a variety of off the shelf antennas from pass-through to pass-by and our totally redesigned BP Portable antenna. Each antenna includes a tuning box and 20’ cable. Please review the Biomark Reader Specification Comparison Table.

Don’t see what you need? Biomark will also build custom antennas to meet your specific monitoring application. Please contact our Technical Services Department for custom antenna enquiries.
BP Portable Antenna

The BP Portable antenna is a versatile tool for unique identification in the field. From scanning for sculpins in the substrate of a stream to looking for burrowing tortoises this antenna is extremely versatile. Comes with a chestpack that keeps reader comfortably situated and an external battery pack for up to two days of use in the field.

Portable waterproof antenna system that includes:

  • Antenna with 4' handle
  • Biomark Chest Pack
  • 12V 6amp external battery with charger
  • 4' DC power cable
  • Biomark tuning box
  • 8' antenna cable
  • Velcro cable straps


24" Square Waterproof Pass-through Antenna

This antenna has been used for applications ranging from weir monitoring to instream monitoring.

Includes 20’ antenna cable and Biomark tuning box.


11" Round Waterproof Pass-through Antenna


Great for fish bypass pipes.
Includes 20’ antenna cable and Biomark tuning box.


12" x 31.5" Rectangular Waterproof Pass-through Antenna


Great for instream applications.
Includes 20’ antenna cable and Biomark tuning box.
12" x 26" Flat Plate Antenna


Can be easily anchored or buried in the substrate of a stream or at a burrow entrance.
With swing out attachment flanges.
Includes 20’ antenna cable and Biomark tuning box.
6" Puck Waterproof Antenna

 Ideal for burying in front of a small burrow or monitoring a nesting site.

Includes 20’ antenna cable and Biomark tuning box.