IS1001 MTS



Biomark's Multiplexing Tranceiver System (IS1001-MTS) is our newest stationary reader; providing decoding of ISO 11784/11785 compliant FDX-B and HDX PIT tags.  The MTS provides improved performance, with respect to detection range and number of antennas, over the current FS1001M stationary reader.  The MTS consists of a Master Controller (IS1001 MC, pictured left) and up to 12 IS1001 reader boards.  The IS1001 MC acts as the command and control center for the system, directing each reader when to fire and storing tag code and diagnostic information.  The MTS is scalable.  A single IS1001 reader can be used as a stand-alone unit or sychronized with one more IS1001, without the need for an IS1001 MC.  The scalable approach of the MTS offers a cost effective solution for monitoring a single location and the expandability to sample up to 12 loactions and up to 24 when synchronized with another MTS.





A more powerful, high speed ISO compliant stationary transceiver designed to replace current ageing single channel transceivers. This stationary reader has been enhanced with increased storage capacity, programmable self-tuning capacitance to adapt to changing environmental conditions, improved noise filtering, ability to synch with other readers and multiple communication port options. See specifications for more details.

· Able to store up to 15,900 PIT Tag numbers in memory

· PIT Tag decoding - FDX-B and HDX

· LCD graphical display with an easy to navigate menu for commands, diagnostics and status reports

· Auto -Tuning with programmable self-tuning capacitance; 4 Capacitors, Manually Switched + 6 Capacitors Digitally Switched

· Multiple reader synchronization capability

· Equipped with multiple port communication ports: 3: Mini-B USB, Ethernet; Fiber Optics

· Exciter voltage 10-16VDC Manually Adjustable

· Antenna Current (Max.) 5 Amp p-p

· AC Input Voltage 120-240V, 47-63Hz



The FS1001M multiplexing reader operates at a frequency of 134.2 kHz. The reader is a 24V DC device. Key features of the FS1001M are its ability to auto-tune and power up to six antennas. The FS1001M multiplexes or switches between antennas in a user selectable sequence. Since only one antenna is activated at a time, the antennas can be placed in any location and orientation without interfering with one another. The auto-tuning function for each antenna compensates for changes in the antenna environment.

· Remote and local interface for set-up, maintenance, status monitoring, and data logging

· Two lines by 16 characters LCD display with backlight

· Five-key keypad that allows local operation and reader configuration

· EIA 232 serial communication port, female DB-9 connector

· Field upgradeable software

· Configurable non-volatile set-up parameters

· Data logging memory for up to 5,350 tags with reader ID, antenna number, and date and time stamp for each tag

· Data logging memory for up to 146 System Status Reports

· Data logging of test tag activations