Power Supplies

Biomark PIT-tag detection systems operate on 24V DC. The typical current draw is 2 amperes continuous. Power to the system can be provided by a variety of means: utility power, thermoelectric generator (TEG), hybrid TEG, or solar.

Use of utility power requires the conversion from AC to DC electricity. Power to the PIT-tag system must be isolated from other devices. Isolation reduces the potential for conducted electromagnetic interference. Options for power conversion include an AC-DC converter or Biomark battery switcher. At locations where AC power is not available, power is supplied using either a thermoelectric generator or solar array. The thermoelectric generator (TEG) operates on propane and consumes approximately 1.5 gal/d. 

 The TEG system consists of the generator and supply tank. Solar arrays are used when site access makes routine filling of propane tanks difficult and solar activity is sufficient. A hybrid configuration of the TEG is available, which incorporates a solar array to reduce, up to 60%, the amount of propane consumed.

 Line-power: Lambda

 Line-power: Battery Switcher


 Thermoelectric Generator  (http://www.globalte.com/index.php?pageId=2&sId=31)

 GlobalHybrid Generator (http://www.globalte.com/index.php?pageId=2&sId=32)