Technical Services

We understand that the most important component of research is reliable data.  Data should be accurate and uninterrupted.  Good quality data is essential to the decision making process.  At Biomark, our goal is to provide high quality PIT-tag monitoring tools and support so you can focus on the data.

PIT-tag technology is being used to monitor fish and wildlife in a variety of ways.  We enjoy interacting with researchers to identify the most effective ways to incorporate PIT-tag monitoring into research projects.  Feedback and collaboration with our customers helps us improve our product line.  We are constantly working to provide systems that are simple to install, operate, and maintain for years of use. 

Biomark specializes in the design, construction, and installation of PIT-tag systems for hydro-facilities, hatcheries, rivers, and many other locations.  Our experience allows us to design and test numerous antenna sizes and configurations to meet the needs of unique monitoring applications.  If your site is in a metropolis or on a remote mountaintop, we can provide a monitoring solution.     

In-progress Projects:

Biomark is working on a number of interesting projects including:

  • Small scale multi-antenna system for poultry behavior research
  • New floating antenna R&D
  • Steelhead and Chinook tagging projects at multiple hatcheries   
  • PIT systems to monitor fish through diversion pipes on the Lemhi River, Idaho