Biomark specializes in the design, construction, and installation of PIT-tag detection systems for a variety of fish and wildlife research applications. We have the experience and expertise to establish and maintain PIT-tag detection systems at hydro-facilities, hatcheries, rivers, and other sites. Through the years we have tested numerous antenna designs, sizes, and materials to provide reliable monitoring systems. 

Monitoring projects are approached in phases: initial site survey, system design and construction, installation support, and operations and maintenance if requested. Site surveys provide an opportunity to assess installation logistics including access, potential noise sources, and antenna mounting options. The type and location of the antenna(s), electronics enclosure, communication platform, and power supply are identified in the survey.

We focus on reliable PIT-tag monitoring systems so you can focus on the data. Please contact us to discuss your application.

In-progress Project:

Biomark is working on a number of interesting projects including:

  • MTS system to monitor dragonfly dispersal
  • Installation of a MTS system in a fish ladder in Portugal
  • IS1001 systems to detect mule deer at underpasses