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For over 25 years Biomark has been a worldwide supplier in electronic identification technology to the fish, wildlife and other natural resource conservation communities. Biomark specializes in a low frequency, passive (no battery), RFID (radio frequency identification) tag (PIT tag) and related PIT tagging equipment. Biomark also provides specialized biological services to the fish and wildlife research community. These services include PIT tagging (insertion of the RFID device) fish and wildlife, study execution, and report writing. Most importantly, Biomark integrates these products by designing, manufacturing, installing, managing and maintaining the systems that detect the tags at specific and strategic locations for invaluable data collect and comprehensive results. Biomark prides itself in delivering the best in products and customer service to it’s valued clients.

PIT tags have been used for over twenty-eight years to permanently identify individual animals. Beginning with fisheries studies, the use of PIT tags has expanded to include mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and many other animals and objects. Through research and testing, PIT technology has been shown to be a reliable and effective method of research and monitoring of individual animals. 

PIT tags, also known as ‘microchips’, allow researchers to safely mark animals internally without altering external appearance.  In almost all cases the tag will stay with the animal for it’s entire life cycle.  The small size of PIT tags virtually eliminates negative impact on animals with little or no influence on growth-rate, behavior, health or predator susceptibility. Automated monitoring systems that record temporal and spatial information make recapture unnecessary reducing handling time and stress to the animal. Biomark provides a variety of durable readers and antenna types for use in remote monitoring locations. Custom antennas can be designed for your specific application or location.

Studies involving capture-recapture, movement, abundance, survival and recruitment have confirmed that PIT technology is a reliable and effective method of identifying and monitoring individuals over long periods of time.

Biomark understands the importance of communication within the research and conservation community. We continually work to provide information and make suggestions to improve research methods as they relate to RFID technology. We strongly suggest that when choosing identification markers one considers the importance of having consistency, standardization, and a common database among researchers and organizations throughout the range of the animal you are studying. In addition, there are a variety of RFID tag frequencies, manufacturers and tag readers that may or may not always be compatible. We suggest using products compatible with ISO standard 11784/11785.

Our team of customer service and technical support staff are dedicated to providing outstanding customer care.