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Biomark was founded in 1990 by Donn and Retta Park. Donn worked at the National Marine Fisheries Service in Seattle, Washington where he was employed as a research biologist for 34 years. Upon his retirement from the NMFS, he saw a need in the fisheries research area for an expanded role of RFID technology. Biomark was founded with the intent to develop a premiere fish tagging organization using RFID tag technology. It quickly adapted into a company that not only tagged fish, but also sold RFID tag products, and developed and built RFID tag data recovery systems based on customer’s research needs.

Biomark first opened its shop and office in July, 1990 in Kennewick, Washington. The company quickly added its first employee, Scott McCutcheon, who continues to work with Biomark today. Biomark’s current President, Dean Park joined the company in 1991 as a fisheries technician. He worked in a variety of positions with the company until he became President in 2001. In 1991, Biomark moved to Boise, Idaho. The founding employees chose Boise for its accessibility to the Rocky Mountains and its great quality of life. Because of Boise’s strong technology business and research community Biomark quickly adopted it as its permanent home. As a result of the company growth Biomark has occupied several locations in and around the Boise area and prides itself in being a valuable member of Idaho’s Treasure Valley community.

Product innovation has always had a strong foundation at Biomark. In the 1990s Biomark pioneered the first commercially available custom PIT tag detection systems as well as tagging and data collection tables. During the next decade Biomark played a major role in designing and developing fabrication techniques to reliably operate PIT tag antennas underwater (a major breakthrough in evaluation and monitoring technique).  Biomark has emerged as a worldwide leader in RFID products for fish and wildlife research. From innovative, first of their kind, stream, river, and hydro facility RFID tag detection systems, to tag injection systems and production tagging services, Biomark delivers the best in products and services to its customers.

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