Puget Sound Energy Evaluation of Electron Fish Bypass Facility

Puget Sound Energy operates Electron Dam near Puyallup, WA.  Electron Dam is the oldest hydroelectric facility in the State of Washington.  Water for this facility is diverted from the Puyallup River and travels 10 miles through a large flume, through a settling basin, then into a small reservoir, and finally through a penstock and powerhouse before returning to the river.  The study was conducted to evaluate the ongoing process of improving the fish bypass facilities and understand the project survival of juvenile fish through the system.  Biomark provided tagging services to implant 9,000 yearling Coho, and 9,000 sub-yearling Chinook salmon.

Project Summary

Project Description:

Fish bypass evaluation


Electron Dam, Puyallup River (WA)

# of Fish Tagged to date:



Coho and Chinook (Species of concern & threatened)

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