QCI was founded to apply quantitatively rigorous methods to solve problems in fisheries and aquatic ecosystem management. Our goal is to provide solutions that help to restore and conserve aquatic and riparian populations and ecosystems.

QCI staff combine substantial field experience with expertise in quantitative fields including population biology, biometry, conservation genetics, and bioengineering. We provide our clients with technical expertise in population and ecosystem monitoring, including the design, installation, and operation of remote sensors for environmental monitoring. Our analytical services include design of research and monitoring programs, comprehensive data analysis, ecosystem modeling, cost-benefit and decision analysis, and development of software applications. We work closely with natural resource managers to meet their information needs and implement management actions that work in real world conditions.

Our Services Include:

  • Design of efficient research and monitoring programs for aquatic and riparian ecosystems
  • Design, installation, and operation of remote sensors for fish population monitoring
  • Statistical analysis of environmental data
  • Development of computational models to support scientific analysis and decisions
  • Cost-benefit and decision analysis
  • Development of software applications
  • Assisting resource managers with implementing pragmatic and cost-effective management actions

Our team of customer service and technical support staff are dedicated to providing outstanding customer care.