Manuals & Instructions

Name CategoryLast UpdatedSize
Biomark Tag Manager 3.0 User Manual Tag Manager7/12/2017 1.37 MB Download
HPR PLUS User Manual HPR PLUS Reader5/23/2017 3.91 MB Download
IS1001-MTS Documents IS1001-MTS3/10/2017 8.52 MB Download
BLE Data Logger User Manual Submersible Antenna System2/7/2017 864 KB Download
BioTerm & BioStat User Manual Rev 2 BioTerm & BioStat1/18/2017 1.40 MB Download
RM310 Software Update Tech Bulletin V3.36 Rev A RM3108/29/2016 121 KB Download
Pocket Reader (PR) & PREX Communication Instructions PR, PREX8/19/2016 89.5 KB Download
FS2001F-ISO Reader Field Manual FS20018/19/2016 843 KB Download
601 Reader Manual 60111/14/2014 192 KB Download
Biomark Tag Manager 2.0 User Manual Tag Manager10/9/2014 1.69 MB Download
RM310 FAQ RM3104/16/2014 1.07 MB Download
FS1001M User Manual (Ver. 1.9) FS1001M4/26/2013 1.11 MB Download
FS1001M User Manual (Ver. 2.1) FS1001M4/26/2013 2.38 MB Download
FS2020 User Manual FS20204/25/2013 4.41 MB Download
Biomark Reader & Antenna Specifications - (Includes tag read ranges) FS20011/15/2013 230 KB Download
FS2001 Communication Instructions FS20011/13/2011 355 KB Download
FS2001 Tuning Instructions for Biomark Antennas FS20011/13/2011 385 KB Download
Tag Code Conversion Trouble-Shooting Tag Codes1/13/2011 417 KB Download
Biomark Fish Tagging Methods Tagging1/13/2011 818 KB Download
Pocket Reader (PR) & PREX User Manual PR, PREX1/13/2011 93.4 KB Download
Mini Portable Reader (MPR) Communication Instructions MPR1/13/2011 357 KB Download
Mini Portable Reader (MPR) User Manual MPR1/13/2011 90.5 KB Download
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