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Ireland: Adult Fish Pass on the River Munster Blackwater

A 12V DC battery switcher was installed at the Munster Blackwater site to isolate a FS2001 reader from electromagnetic interference (EMI) conducted on the existing line power. A previous site-visit by Biomark personnel demonstrated that performance was greatly increased when the reader was disconnected from line power. The system was originally configured with an FS2001 connected to a battery that was connected to a charger. The conducted EMI or “noise” was 100%, precluding the detection of PIT tags.

The 12 VDC battery switcher installed consists of a charger, printed circuit board, relays, a timer, and two 12V DC batteries . The battery switcher charges one battery while the other is used to power the reader; switching between batteries approximately every 3 hours. During installation, the battery switcher was powered using an extension cord from an outlet outside of the bunker it was housed in. While running on the battery switcher, the reader noise level decreased to 0% and enabled the detection of tags approximately 12 in. upstream and downstream of the antenna opening.

Project Summary

Application Description:

Adult Fish Pass


River Munster Blackwater, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland

Products Used:

Transceiver: FS2001F-ISO
Power: Biomark 12V DC battery switcher
Antenna: 1-24 x 24” ft pass-through antenna

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