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Ireland: The River Boyne

Biomark, with the help of personnel from Inland Fisheries Ireland, installed a PIT-tag detection system at the River Boyne site near Navan, Ireland.  The system consists of an antenna installed in a fish pass, a 24 VDC battery switcher, and electronics enclosure.  The electronics enclosure contains the FS1001M multiplexing transceiver and data logging hardware.

The antenna was installed into existing guide slots in the fish pass.  The antenna cable was housed in liquidtight flexible metal conduit to protect the cable and provide additional EMI shielding.  The FS1001M reader is connected to a Campbell Scientific Inc. model CR1000 data logger.  The data logger partitions data from the reader into status, noise, tag, and ancillary data tables.  Ancillary data currently includes water temperature and measurement of DC voltage entering the enclosure.  Data tables can be retrieved directly from the data logger using a RS-232 serial cable and CSI software.

Project Summary

Application Description:

Adult Fish Pass


River Boyne, Navan, Co.Meath, Ireland

Products Used:

Transceiver: FS1001M
Antenna: 1 24x55 in. pass-through antenna
Data Logger: CSI CR1000
Power: Biomark 24V DC battery switcher

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