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Washington: Rocky Reach Dam, Columbia River

Biomark worked with Douglas County PUD (DCPUD) to establish PIT-tag detection at the Rocky Reach Juvenile Fish Bypass; owned and operated by Chelan County PUD. The North and South dewatering channels terminate in “flow-spreaders” that transport collected fish into the bypass facility. DCPUD wanted to monitor PIT-tagged fish as they exited the dewatering channels. Biomark was the project manager and responsible for the design and fabrication of the PIT-tag antennas. Biomark worked with Plasti-Fab, Inc. on the design and manufacturing of the fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) flow spreaders and steel vertical gates. The FRP flow spreaders needed to meet the design criteria of the existing steel flow spreaders. Dix Corporation was responsible for removal of the existing flow spreaders and installation of the new PIT-tag specific FRP flow spreaders. Water velocity through the antennas is 9 to 12 fps. Detection efficiency of the antennas is approximately 89.5% based on releases of PIT-tagged fish into the dewatering channels, approximately 25 ft upstream from the antennas.

Project Summary


Douglas County Public Utility District


Rocky Reach Dam, Columbia River, Wenatchee, Washington

Application Description:

Monitor passage of PIT-tagged fish exiting the dewatering channels at the Rocky Reach Juvenile Fish Bypass

Products Used:

Transceiver: FS1001M
Antenna: 4-28.5 in. X 93 in. internally shielded antennas


Plasti-Fab, Inc.
Dix Corporation

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