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Wisconsin: Menominee River

Agencies including the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Wisconsin and Michigan Departments of Natural Resources, the National Park Service, the River Alliance of Wisconsin, and WE Energies are evaluating fish passage structures that would allow lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) to pass upstream and downstream of White Rapids Dam on the Menominee River. A pass-through antenna was installed within a prototype fish entrance channel below White Rapids Hydroelectric Project to assess the movement and behavior of PIT-tagged lake sturgeon during the spring spawning season. PIT-tag detections and underwater video data collected indicate that sturgeon are attracted to, and enter, the fish passage entrance structure. This information is critical to the development of permanent fishways that will reestablish lake sturgeon passage on the Menominee River.

Project Summary

Application Description:

PIT-tag detection system to monitor the use of a fish entrance channel by lake sturgeon


River Alliance of Wisconsin


Menominee River, Wisconsin

Products Used:

Transceiver: FS1001M
Antenna: 60 in. X 60 in. pass-through antenna

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