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Technical Bulletin for HPR Plus Users

Important Firmware Release v1.17

Biomark HPR Plus Reader Technical Bulletin

To ensure your reader(s) are operating at optimal performance it is recommended that all readers be updated (flashed) with the most recent firmware release (Firmware version v1.17). The Release Notes below outline v1.17 improvements and fixes. If you are having any performance issues with your reader(s) please contact Biomark. They will be happy to review your reader(s) hardware and firmware configurations and recommend the necessary steps to ensure your readers are updated and performing optimally.


HPR Plus Firmware Update v1.17 Release Notes | October 15, 2018

Firmware Updating Guidelines

The firmware update is done by connecting a Flash drive containing the firmware file to the HPR Plus USB port. Please refer to HPR Plus User Manual page 9 for the procedure.

As a precaution, download all tag IDs contained in the reader’s memory before initiating the update process.

It is recommended you take note of any customized reader settings prior to the firmware update.

HPR Plus Firmware 1.17

For technical assistance please contact the Technical Services Department of Biomark at (208) 275‐0011 or email customerservice@biomark.com

Posted by Biomark at 10/12/2018 10:43:00 PM

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