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Technical Bulletin for PTAGIS Users - FS2001 Readers

This Technical Bulletin describes a recent issue reported on June 7 via the PTAGIS news bulletin. The incident involved a Destron Fearing FS2001F handheld reader.

Biomark Product Technical Bulletin

Destron Fearing FS2001-F and FS2001-ISO

8-June-2018 (Rev A)


  1. Description

This Technical Bulletin describes a recent issue reported on June 7 via the PTAGIS news bulletin.  The incident involved a Destron Fearing FS2001F handheld reader.


  • Biomark engineering team received the failed reader on June 4.  The reader, serial #0225 was produced in 2000 and last serviced in 2007.
  • Biomark confirmed and as per the photo in the PTAGIS email on June 6, the reader faceplate in the immediate vicinity of the LCD screen shattered and blew the fragmented plastic in multiple pieces.
  • There was no evidence of burn marks, combustion.  There were several components that had become dislodged from their socket. 
  • The NiMH battery has multiple leaking cells.


  1. Determination

To the best of our ability, it was determined that the explosion event occurred because the battery was not being maintained (charged and discharged on a regular basis), corroding, and leaking battery fluid and off-gassing.  This off-gassing event built up pressure in the sealed unit and caused the face plate around the LCD display to burst.  This is a potentially dangerous situation that could cause severe injury.


  1. Recommended Actions
  • Cease use of reader immediately.
  • If the reader is connected to a power supply, disconnect and unplug the power supply.
  • With the readers faceplate facing down (preferably on a flat surface) and using a Phillip’s head screw driver, remove the 4 screws on either end (end cap) of the main reader unit.  If there is any pressure in the sealed unit this will allow the pressure to dissipate safely.
  • The reader can be shipped back to Biomark for recycling and environmentally responsible disposal.


*At your own risk, if you choose to continue to use the FS2001F or FS2001F-ISO reader we strongly recommend reviewing the user manual instruction on battery care, charging, and maintenance.  The manual is available at  Click on the document “FS2001F-ISO Reader Field Manual”.  You can view, print or download the document from this site.

If the battery pack is not being used or maintained properly, it should be removed from the reader.

A FS2001 reader will operate without its battery when used with:

  • a FS2001 Elpac Power Supply (Model: M42012):


  • a FS2001 AVT Power Supply/Battery Charger Combo (Model: AVC-H80024A):


Note: A FS2001 will NOT operate and read tags without its battery plugged in when used with a AVT Battery Charger (Model: C3H4-10-400-YA):

 For charging FS2001 ONLY. This is NOT a power supply.

  1. End of Life
  • In February of 2015, Biomark announced an “end of life” for the FS2001 reader line of products and accessories.  An excerpt from the February 2015 PTAGIS Newsletter is listed below.
  • Biomark cannot provide repairs or service to the FS2001F or FS2001F-ISO readers. 
  • The HPR Plus reader was created as a drop-in replacement to the FS2001 and has added features, new upgrades, and current technology.


Feb. 2015


Announcing the End of Service of FS2001 and FS1001 (MUX) Due to the age of product and lack of availability of key parts Biomark will no longer be able to provide repair support for these units after 5/1/2015. We will do our best to repair readers sent in within the next 90 days based on parts availability…


  1. Further Action


Please call or email Biomark customer service at 208-275-0011,, if you would like to learn more about disposal options or replacement of your FS2001 reader.


Posted by Biomark at 6/12/2018 2:34:00 AM

Our team of customer service and technical support staff are dedicated to providing outstanding customer care.