VAKI Density Control


Automates the regulation of fish density to enhance grading/counting accuracy. The Density Control mechanism attaches at the end of a 6” hose and sits on the bottom of the fish tank. During pumping the amount of fish passing through the hose is measured. This is not an accurate count, but rather an indication of the amount of fish per volume of water

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The input side of the mechanism is separated into two areas by a lever. On one side of the lever, the fish enters the hose in a conventional manner. On the other side is covered by a stainless-steel mesh, that hinders fish from entering the hose. By adjusting the position of the lever, one can adjust the ratio of water entering from each side. Once the sensor measures density over a certain amount, a linear actuator adjusts the position of the lever to reduce the flow of water-bearing fish and increases the flow of pure water. During periods of low density, the mechanism opens completely, so that fish are pumped without any loss of efficiency.

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10" Fish Pump, 6" Fish Pump, 8" Fish Pump

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