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Biomark Stout Antenna Systems

For large-scale, more permanent systems, Biomark designed the Stout Antenna. Stout antenna assemblies are robust enough to withstand high-flow events. This allows for continuous monitoring and year-round data collection. 


    Stout Antennas come pre-assembled in a protective substrate channel and include stout anchor assemblies and hardware. Stout Antennas also include a 2.5 foot cable with waterproof connector. Please contact us for more information on these reliable systems and installation services.

    Available in standard 10 and 20-foot lengths, please contact us if your project requires a custom antenna size.

    The IS1001 reader, submersible enclosure, and additional cabling are all sold separately.

    Type Pass-by
    Waterproof Yes
    Warranty (from date of purchase)  1 Year



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