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Cord Antenna System - Small Scale Flexible

The IS1001 Cord Antenna System, designed for a variety of monitoring applications, is a portable PIT-tag system with a flexible cord antenna. This versatile system includes three components: portable enclosure, J-box, and cord antenna. The portable enclosure houses the IS1001, the reader platform of the cord system. The J-box provides the junction between the portable enclosure and the cord antenna.

The durable cord antenna, with waterproof connectors and protective housing, can take on a variety of shapes and sizes. Arrange the cord antenna in pass-by or pass-through orientation to best suit the monitoring location. Quick and easy to deploy, use the cord system to detect PIT-tagged fish and wildlife in streams, caves, wildlife crossings, and other unique places. Whether you have one, two, or multiple antenna locations, the cord system is a versatile PIT-tag monitoring solution.



Portable Enclosure – The portable enclosure houses the IS1001 reader. It includes external DC power ports, an internal power switch, antenna cable connector, vents, reader mount and cover plate. Dimensions: 19” x 13.5” x 6.7” (48.26 x 34 x 17 cm) Weight: 11.5 lbs *with IS1001

IS1001 Reader – Choose between the 12V or 24V IS1001 reader. See page 13 for more information on the reader.

IS1001 LED Board – The LED board incorporates LED lights indicating power, scan, tuned, and tag detected, a buzzer with adjustable volume, and a reset button.

J-Box – The J-Box provides the junction between the portable enclosure and the cord antenna. It includes a 30-inch antenna cable and heavy-duty connectors for the cord antenna. Weight: 3 lbs

Cord Antenna – The cord antenna includes a 50-foot cable loop in protective conduit with waterproof connectors. Each end of the cord antenna plugs into the J-Box creating an antenna loop up to 25 feet in length. Weight: 18 lbs

DC Power Cable – for application of DC power to the external power ports on the portable enclosure.


IS1001 Data Logger Board – the board stores real-time data on an external USB flash drive. It provides the ability to synchronize pairs of IS1001s and access data locally via the on-board RS-232 port. This board contains status LEDs, a buzzer, and a reset button.

CAN Bus Ports – Synchronize or multiplex cord systems when multiple antennas are in close proximity. Contact us for more information about configuration options.



Type Pass-through
Waterproof Yes
Warranty (from date of purchase)  1 Year



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