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Submersible Antenna 36"

Biomark in partnership with the US Bureau of Reclamation has developed a fully submersible PIT-Tag detection antenna system to provide a solution for researchers needing to detect tags in remote, hard to access, sites in lakes and rivers.

The fully submersible PIT-Tag detection antenna decodes ISO11784/11785 FDX-B and HDX PIT tags. The all-inclusive antenna does not rely on a bank based power source and is designed to sink in lakes and rivers where it will be anchored to the substrate.


    The Submersible Antenna has been successfully used as an all-in-one pit-tag detection system by researchers to collect pit tag data in both lakes and rivers, in habitats previously inaccessible to pit tag detection equipment and conventional sampling techniques (electro-fishing, hoop or trammel netting). Although the Submersible Antenna was designed specifically for aquatic systems it can be successfully used for terrestrial applications as a small scale all-in-one temporary monitoring station.

    3’ Circular antenna with reader and data logger incorporated


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