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Biomark’s BioLogic™ Web portal provides near real-time access to view status of remote PIT-tag detection sites.


BioStat is a FREE charting and communication software designed to display and retrieve real-time data from Biomark readers.


BioTerm is a FREE simple communication program that allows users to download reader files, delete reader files, adjust reader settings, view current reader status, and perform reader firmware updates.



The BioLogic Data Collection Module (DCM) is an Android based software application designed for streamlining data collection and data management.  The software is easily customized for collecting many types of data points including RFID codes (PIT tags) and lengths using our all new Electronic Measuring Board. The application increases efficiency, improves accuracy and provides the integration of peripheral hardware via Bluetooth connections.

Data Collection Module

With Biomark’s Tag Manager Software, you can easily connect to any Biomark reader, download tag codes and export to either Microsoft Excel, Access or Notepad text file. See Product Overview below for more information.


Tag Manager Software
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