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Biomark HPT12 Pre-load Tray

This product is the BIOMARK HPT12 FDX-B high performance tag preloaded in a single use needle and packaged in a tray (100 tags). Pre-loaded tags are available in trays of 100 or individually. The trays or individual needles coupled with MK-25 implant gun make tagging fast and efficient.


    Each needle comes pre‐loaded with the HPT 12 (High Performance Tag, 12.5mm 134.2 kHz) tag. The tags are secured inside the needle, so no worrying about tags falling out before being implanted. It also eliminates the need to disinfect between implants, making it a very efficient and safe tagging system. All Biomark PIT tags are ISO 11784 and 11785 compliant and ICAR approved. Requires the MK-25 implant gun. Used trays, lids and needles can be sent back to Biomark to be recycled.


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