Biomark 601 Reader

The Biomark 601 Reader is  a versatile handheld  reader that withstands the elements.  It is water resistant, durable and designed exclusively for the researcher that needs the highest quality and performance in a light-weight, simple operation handheld device.  This reader detects both FDX-A (125 kHz) and FDX-B (134.2 kHz) as well as HDX tags. Includes features such as time/date stamp and decimal or hexadecimal display. The Biomark 601 Reader comes with a combined battery charger/AC Power Supply/RS-232 comm. cable, rechargeable NiMH batteries (regular AA batteries can also be used), test tag and user manual.



Pocket Reader & Pocket Reader EX

  The Pocket Reader and Pocket Reader EX detect both 125 kHz and 134.2 kHz tags. They have an internal memory of 500 tag codes, which can be easily uploaded to your computer. The Pocket Reader line is designed for effortless operation with a one-function button. The Pocket Reader EX incorporates all the standard features of the Pocket Reader with a larger antenna for greater read range and an AC power supply (sold separately) for continuous operation without internal batteries. Both readers display tag codes in a decimal format only.

The readers come with a waterproof AquaPac, communication cable, factory manual, batteries and test tag. The Pocket Reader uses four AAA batteries and the Pocket Reader EX uses four AA batteries. Note: The Pocket Reader and Pocket Reader EX are not waterproof. Please use the provided AquaPac when in the field, store out of AquaPac in a dry environment when not in use.

For a decimal to hexadecimal conversion table please visit the Manuals and Instructions page.


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