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Biomark Enclosures

Protect your investment! Biomark offers a variety of enclosures for PIT-tag readers and associated electronics. If the monitoring system is permanent, seasonal, or temporary we build well-designed enclosures to keep your components safe and secure. Each enclosure is pre-wired and function tested for easy installation and operation.

Electronic Enclosure

Lockable, weather resistant NEMA 4 enclosures are wall or pole mounted depending on the monitoring site. Reader(s), power supply (AC-DC or DC-DC), and associated electronics are mounted securely to the enclosure backplane. Clean, consistent wiring and quality parts allow you to focus on collecting data not troubleshooting electronics!

Enclosure size and layout depend on system components and power supply options. Please contact us for details and pricing.

IS1001 Chest Enclosure

The IS1001 chest enclosure is a sturdy, all-in-one option for small-scale systems. Designed to hold one or two IS1001 readers, the chest enclosure is ideal for standalone and synchronized PIT-tag detection systems. The readers, protected within an internal box, separate the electronics from the battery compartment.

Maintenance-free batteries ranging in size and capacity from 35-110 amp hours fit easily inside the chest enclosure. Pre-assembled wiring packs (12V or 24V options) and quick disconnect battery harnesses allow for easy deployment. When purchased with solar, the controller is mounted and wired inside the chest enclosure.

IS1001 Portable Enclosure

A convenient way transport and protect PIT-tag system electronics! The IS1001 portable enclosure is weather resistant and as the name implies, portable! Designed to hold a single IS1001 reader, it is an ideal option for standalone PIT-tag systems. This versatile enclosure includes a reader mount and cover plate to protect and secure the IS1001 reader. External power ports allow direct DC power delivery to the system.

The portable enclosure also includes an internal power switch, passive vents, and external antenna cable connector. For 24V systems, we offer a portable enclosure model with both AC and DC power delivery options. IS1001 portable enclosures can also be customized for synchronized and MTS (Multiplexing Transceiver System) configurations too. Contact us today for details about custom options and pricing.

Dimensions: 19" X 13.5" X 6.7" (48.56 X 34 X 17 cm) Weight: 11.5 lbs *with IS1001(sold separately) 


  • IS1001 Reader – Choose between the 12V or 24V IS1001 reader (not included).  We will install the IS1001 in the portable enclosure prior to shipping.
  • IS1001 Accessory Board – Select an LED or Data Logger Board (not included).  The accessory board visually indicates power to the system, tuned antenna, and tag detections. We will install the IS1001 accessory board prior to shipping.  
  • DC Power Cable – Biomark offers custom DC power cables for application of DC power to the external power ports on the portable enclosure.  
  • CAN Bus Ports – Synchronize or multiplex IS1001 systems for multiple antennas in close proximity. Contact us for more information about configuration options.   
  • AC Power – For 24V IS1001 systems, we offer an IS1001 portable enclosure with both AC and DC power delivery options. This IS1001 portable enclosure model includes an AC power cable pigtail.  
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