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River Mondego, Portugal

In 2011, a large fish ladder with a monitoring system was installed by the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA), near the city of Coimbra (Portugal), on the River Mondego.  The fish ladder is intended to assist fish in passing around a dam (Acude-Ponte Dam).  Local species include anadromous (sea lamprey, Allis shad and Twaite shad), catadromous (European-eel and Mullet) and potamodromous (Iberian barbell and nase) fish.  The University of Evora, located in South Central Portugal, and the MARE – Marine and Environmental Science Center are responsible for conducting studies to monitor the fish passage.  In 2013, Biomark designed, constructed and installed an antenna system to assist in the monitoring of the new fish ladder.  The system consists of a custom, thin wall shielded antenna that is approximately 2’ (.7m) wide x 8’ (2.5m) tall.  The thin wall antenna design minimizes flow restriction and the shield reduces the loading effect caused my metal in the concrete of the fish ladder and the frame of the nearby counting window.  The data gathered from this system is used to determine the efficiency of the ladder.

Project Summary

Application Description:

Fish ladder monitoring system for sea lamprey


Coimbra, Portugal

Products Used:

IS1001-MTS with thin-wall pass-through antenna

Partner Organizations:

Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA), University of Evora, Marine and Environmental Science Center (MARE) 

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