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Skaha Dam PIT-tag Interrogation Array

Biomark installed a PIT-tag interrogation array in the fish ladder at Skaha Dam, Okanagan River in May 2015 for the Okanagan Nation Alliance (ONA) and Columbia River Inter-Tribal Commission.  The system utilizes a pair of synchronized IS1001 readers and pass-through antennas.  The ‘Master’ reader is equipped with an IS1001 Data Logger board to efficiently store data from both readers in addition to the internal memory of each reader.  The Master reader synchronizes the real-time clocks of both readers on an hourly basis.  The IS1001 readers are housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure secured to the deck of the dam.  Diagnostic and tag detection data is stored in a removable Flash drive on the data logger and retrieved manually.  The antennas were positioned on top of the dam boards, utilizing the existing guide slots, to facilitate installation and removal by ONA personnel. The project was funded by the Bonneville Power Administration and Okanagan Nation Alliance and install support was provided by the Okanagan Nation Alliance.

Project Summary

Application Description:

Fish ladder PIT-tag interrogation array


Anadromous salmonids


Skaha Dam, Okanagan River, British Columbia, Canada

Products Used:

IS1001, IS1001 Electronics Enclosure, IS1001 Data Logger and IS1001 LED boards

Project Partners:

Okanagan Nation Alliance, and Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

Funding Organizations:

Okanagan Nation Alliance and Bonneville Power Administration

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