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Battery switching power supply, Clearwater River, Idaho


Power Ready Solar System, Lewis River, Washington

The power requirements for PIT-tag systems differ according to the system size.  The Multiplexing Transceiver System (MTS) offers a scalable approach for a variety of system configurations.  A standalone IS1001 reader can be used for a single antenna system, two IS1001 readers can be synchronized for dual antenna systems, and for systems with three or more antennas the IS1001MC (Master Controller) is incorporated into the reader platform.  The current draw of a PIT-tag system can range from 1 – 4.5 amps at 24V DC.    

The location of a monitoring site typically dictates what type of power can be used.  If utility power is nearby, AC power is converted to DC power via an AC-DC converter.  To reduce the potential for conducted noise that can affect the performance of the PIT-tag system, incoming AC power should be dedicated and isolated via an isolation transformer.

In remote locations, or at sites where AC power is unreliable, Biomark offers the following power supply options: 


Battery Switching Power Supply

Battery switching power supplies include two battery banks; one bank supplies power to the system while the other bank is charged.  The electronic enclosure contains a battery charger and fan that require AC power to operate while the PIT-tag system is draws DC power directly from batteries.


Solar Power

For sites with sufficient sunlight, solar is an efficient way to deliver DC power to PIT-tag systems.  We offer solar power solutions for small and large scale systems.  The size of the solar power system is directly related to the size of the PIT-tag system and site visit frequency.  It is important to size a solar power system to ensure the battery bank is sufficiently charged while also delivering sufficient power to the PIT-tag system.

For small scale PIT-tag systems, utilizing the 12V IS1001 reader model, Biomark provides 120W and 200W portable solar kits.  Biomark offers portable solar kits that come with folding panels and adjustable legs for ground mounting.  Each kit includes a separate solar controller and wiring that can be incorporated into our IS1001 chest enclosure.  The 120W and 200W portable solar kits are recommended for standalone 12V IS1001 systems.  The 200W portable solar kit can also be used for synchronized 12V IS1001 systems.  

For large scale 24V PIT-tag systems, Biomark offers power ready solar systems.  Power ready solar systems are designed based on the site location and size of the PIT-tag system.  They are built with up to five days of autonomy and each completely tested system includes a solar array, mount, batteries, and associated enclosures.


Thermoelectric Generator

A thermoelectric generator (TEG) is a consistent and reliable way to deliver DC power to a PIT-tag system.  Biomark offers both standard and hybrid propane generators manufactured by Global Thermoelectric www.globalte.com.  The TEG system consists of a generator, which consumes about 1.5 gallons of propane per day, and a supply tank.  The hybrid configuration incorporates a solar array to reduce fuel consumption by up to 60% which is ideal at sites where routine filling of propane tanks is difficult.

120W Portable Solar, Dry Creek, Idaho

Hybrid TEG, Lower Imnaha River, Oregon

TEG (model 5060), Big Timber Creek, Idaho



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