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Actionable Insights from PIT Tag Data

Biomark is the only fisheries, aquaculture and wildlife specific RFID company in the world that manufactures and distributes its own PIT tags, readers, antennas, software and accessory items. It is this specific focus on conservation and research that enables us to lead the way in services, product development, innovation and installation. We understand that good quality data is essential to the decision-making process and should be accurate, high quality, and uninterrupted. To that end, we provide high quality PIT tag monitoring solutions to meet different application and budgetary needs.

PIT tags in bulk

PIT Tags

We offer the highest performing RFID tags on the market for fish & wildlife.

PIT Tag Implanters 

Check out the needles and implanters that pair with Biomark PIT tags.

PIT Tag Readers

Our readers are designed for rigorous,  monitoring applications.

PIT Tag Antennas

Pass-by, pass-through aquatic and terrestrial antennas.

Tissue Sampling Unit

Easy to use, cost effective genetic sampling.


Accessories, including Bluetooth peripherals, to support your projects.

Power Options

Numerous power options to meet your application needs.

Software & Drivers

Collect and manage data to make informed decisions.

VAKI Aquaculture 

Fish pumps, counters, graders and SmartFlow technology.

Custom PIT Tag Monitoring Solutions

Biomark specializes in the design, construction, and installation of custom PIT tag systems for terrestrial and aquatic use. Our experience allows us to design and test numerous antenna sizes and configurations to meet the needs of unique monitoring applications. Whether your site is in a metropolis or on a remote mountaintop, we can provide a monitoring solution. We have been building customized PIT tag detection systems for nearly 30 years. No project is too big or small and our carefully selected components collectively result in a robust and reliable system. Take a look at a few of our terrestrial, aquatic and custom system solutions or contact our team biomarkservice@merck.com to discuss your project needs.

Upcoming Events

27-28 OCTOBER, 2021

EU Workshop-Norway

Join our EU Team at the Norwegian Institue of Nature and Research for a workshop featuring a live tagging demonstration, hands-on PIT Tag training and an overview of Biomark’s Antenna Systems! 

6-10 NOVEMBER, 2021

National AFS- Baltimore, Maryland

Join us in Baltimore at National AFS!

Latest Blog Posts

Recording: Small Scale Monitoring System Webinar

Recording: Small Scale Monitoring System Webinar

The Biomark small-scale PIT-Tag detection system is a cost-effective way to monitor small mammals, like bats, rats, ground squirrels, pikas and petrels, across multiple locations. The system uses a single reader to multiplex among up to 8 or 16 antennas. Join Steve Anglea, Director of Project Sales, for the Small Scale Monitoring System webinar.