About Us

Our Approach

For 30 years Biomark has been the worldwide leader of electronic identification – or Passive Integrated Transponder – PIT tag technology to the fisheries, wildlife and natural resource conservation, and aquaculture communities.

We specialize in low frequency, passive (no battery) radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, identification tools, and associated hardware and software. Our team of experts also design, manufacture, install, manage and maintain systems that detect the RFID tags (PIT tags) at specific and strategic locations for invaluable data collection and comprehensive results. In addition, we deliver specialized services including fish tagging, statistical analysis, software development, study execution, report writing and computational model development to support analysis and decision making.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best in products and customer service to our valued clients.

Our Team

Biomark embraces the practice of individual employee contribution and self-management. It is this principle that defines our culture. By empowering and expecting personal input at all levels, our employees are fully invested in the success of our customers. It is their ideas, service, and actions that lead innovation.

It has always been a goal that our efforts positively contribute to the global fish and wildlife research communities.  Our team of dedicated employees is filled with significant depth of experience and knowledge. With an average tenure of 8 years and more than half being with the company for over 10 years, our sense of ownership and dedication to what we do is apparent in all aspects of the business.

The bottom line is that we all sincerely enjoy our job, the people we work with, the community we live and work in, and the customers we serve.

Leadership Team

Brian Beckley

North American Business Lead 

Chris Beasley

Director of Applied Biological Services





Heiden Bliss

Director of Sales & Marketing

Elizabeth Davis

Associate Director of Finance


Scott Gary

Director of Operations

Elsa MacDonald

Marketing Manager



Steve Anglea

Director of Project Sales

Quentin Watson

Product Manager



Sales Staff


Matt Brower

Sales Manager

North America




Ryan Vasak

VAKI Sales Representative

North America



Gaelan Flaherty

Project Sales Manager





Ed Powers

Sales Representative

Central United States



Jake Cryer

Project Sales Manager



Raf Baeyens

Project Sales Manager

Central Europe



Roman Smith

Sales Representative

Southeast United States & LATAM



Peter Mackinnon

Project Sales Manager



Kristian Straume-Lie

Sales Representative 

Northern Europe



Tim Simpson

Sales Representative

North East United States



Gabe Derrick

Project Sales Manager

Armando Piccinini

Sales Representative

Southern Europe, Asia & Africa