Aquaculture Solutions

VAKI Aquaculture Solutions

VAKI builds high-quality fish pumps, counters, and graders. Their equipment pairs with the VAKI SmartFlow system, which enables the user to remotely manage and optimize the equipment. Biomark sells and services VAKI equipment for North America.

Biomass Daily

The Biomass Daily provides a daily overview of average weight, size distribution, condition-factor, and growth!

VAKI Fish Pumps

VAKI Fish Pumps (6″, 8″ and 10″) are precision manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure safe, gentle, and efficient fish transfer.

VAKI Macro Counter

The Vaki Macro Counter has a capacity of 200,000 smolts or 1 million 1g fry per hour and has a 100 cm wide counting area. With a range from 0.1g – 400g the Macro is ideally suited for the accurate and fast delivery of fry and smolts. The Macro can be delivered both as single or 4 channel.

VAKI Micro Counter

The VAKI Micro Counter is utilized when fish are being delivered from hatcheries, or for precise stock control operations when splitting, moving, or grading

VAKI Pipeline Counter (PLC)

The VAKI Pipeline Counter (PLC) is installed in a pipeline from a grading machine or on the end of the pipe into a tank.

VAKI Smart Grader

The Smart Grader delivers accurate fish grading while minimizing the impact on your fish as they pass through the outlets.

VAKI Smartflow

The Vaki Smart Flow boasts a high level of efficiency and accuracy. Utilize the ability to gather and store information about your measured fish for an easy way to compare the size of the fish and the number.


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