Biomass Daily

The Biomass Daily provides a daily overview of average weight, size distribution, condition-factor, and growth! The Biomass Daily system allows you to access your data 24/7 in which the fish are continuously measured with pinpoint accuracy. Seamlessly collect measurements with no stress and no adverse impacts on the welfare of the fish or feeding.

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  • Overview of all cages and live data accessible online.
  • Larger samples, more accuracy.
  • Daily information on average weight, growth, and size distribution.
  • Average condition factor and distribution.
  • Simple but powerful analysis of data.


  • Real-time comparisons between cages and sites.
  • Changes in growth patterns detected as soon as they occur.
  • Select optimum cages and dates for harvest.
  • Optimize grading and splitting.


Combined knowledge from Biomark and VAKI Fish Counting & Biomass Applications

  • The Biomass Daily/PIT Tag Antenna incorporates Biomark technology to effectively track individual fish within each cage*.
  • Biomark PIT Tag IDs are paired with Biomass data to deliver key insights from food and vaccine trials and programs.
  • PIT Tag antenna requires Biomark Advanced Performance Tag 12mm – APT12.

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