PIT Tag Antennas

PIT Tag Antennas & Systems

Biomark offers Cord, Small Scale, Pass-by, Pass-through, and Submersible PIT-tag antenna designs for aquatic and terrestrial use.

  • Cord Antenna Systems deliver portable PIT tag detection for fish and terrestrial monitoring.
  • Litz Cord Antenna Systems are high-power, single conductor systems that can be deployed for fish and terrestrial monitoring.
  • Small Scale Monitoring Systems are ideal for terrestrial applications, expandable to connect up to 16 antennas, and can be customized for aquatic use. 
  • Submersible Antenna Systems  provide autonomous PIT tag monitoring in deep or high speed water flow locations for up to 35 days.
  • Floating Antennas offer an innovative approach to both stationary and mobile PIT Tag monitoring. Available as Inflatable, Rigid, and Raft Mounted.

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Short Term Monitoring

The Biomark Inflatable Floating Antenna is ideal for mobile detection applicaitons & small scale, short-term monitoring.

Easy, Cost Effective Genetic Sampling

The Biomark Tissue Sampling Unit, or TSU, enables researchers to capture high-quality genetic samples, easily & cost-effectively.