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Raft Mounted Floating Antenna System

Raft Mounted Floating Antenna System

This raft-based floating antenna system was developed to detect PIT tags while floating over them in streams or shallow ponds. This method allows researchers to actively scan for fish implanted with PIT-Tags instead of relying on the fish to pass by fixed antenna points. This method has been used very successfully in various river systems to increase the number of active re-sights and to investigate large scale habitat usage by PIT-Tagged fish. The Biomark Floating Antenna System incorporates two 10’x3’ inflatable antennas, with a specially designed frameless cataraft built by Aire Inc. The frameless cataraft makes it possible to have the antennas float underneath the raft without interference from a metal frame that is used on traditional rafts.

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The scanning area is effectively 20’x3’ with a pass by read range of 30” with 12mm Biomark FDX-B tags (HPT12). A rugged, splash proof, plastic electronics enclosure has a 30 Watt solar panel attached to the lid and houses two IS1001 readers, a Master Controller, a 24V 50 amp hr. battery pack and a solar controller. An optional rugged tablet with GPS and Biomark Mobile Data Collection Application can be connected to the Master Controller via bluetooth to collect Pit-tag and GPS data and enter habitat type associated with the tag read.

This, first of its kind all-inclusive floating antenna system has proven to be a very effective tool for mobile monitoring and has the potential to save time and money over more traditional physical capture methods. The system has been rigorously tested physically and electronically and has stood up to harsh and fluctuating river conditions while continuing to read pit tags at a very respectable 30” read range.

Please note that delivery of this product is taking longer than usual. Call for pricing and delivery time frame.

Downloads & Documents

Raft Mounted Floating Antenna Specification Sheet

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