IS1001 Master Controller

The Multiplexing Transceiver System (MTS) consists of a Master Controller (MC) and up to 12 IS1001 readers. The MC acts as the command, control, and data collection center for the PIT-tag monitoring system. It directs each IS1001 to activate its antenna and send stored tag IDs and diagnostic information. Power and communication transfers between IS1001 and MC via CAN (Controller Area Network) bus cable.

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The Master Controller polls IS1001s in a user-selectable sequence and is able to activate one or two IS1001s at a time. Tag data and system information is stored in the MC internal memory, sent to a removable memory device, or communicated in real-time. The system allows for the synchronization of multiple Master Controllers for large-scale systems requiring more than 12 antennas. The MTS is highly adaptive and effective for many applications.

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