Power Options

Power Options for PIT Tag Antenna Systems

Biomark offers a variety of power options to support your PIT tag antenna system installation based on the application and environment. Power Options include traditional batteries, isolating battery switcher, solar power, thermoelectric generator, and grid power. Add one of the options below to your quote and our team will confirm the best power solution for your application and provide pricing details. 

Small and large-scale monitoring systems can be powered directly from 12 or 24 V battery banks. Order Here

Battery switching power supplies include two battery banks; one bank supplies power to the system while the other bank is charged. The electronic enclosure contains a battery charger and fan that require AC power to operate while the PIT-tag system draws DC power directly from batteries. Order here

An AC-DC power supply is used to supply 24 V DC to the IS1001-MC or IS1001 when 120 VAC or 220 VAC power is available. The power source must be isolated from other systems to minimize the potential for performance degradation due to conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI).

For sites with sufficient sunlight, solar is an efficient way to deliver DC power to PIT-tag systems. We offer solar power solutions for small- and large-scale systems. Order Here

Thermoelectric Generator

A thermoelectric generator (TEG) is a consistent and reliable way to deliver DC power to a PIT-tag system. Biomark offers both standard and hybrid propane generators manufactured by Global Thermoelectric www.globalte.com.


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