Stationary PIT Tag Readers

Stationary PIT Tag Readers

Biomark provides robust PIT tag monitoring solutions for temporary or long term continuous monitoring.  A single or multiplexed series of readers with antennas can be deployed to provide detection within a study area. The IS1001 Reader can be paired with a variety of enclosures and power options to meet the most specialized application needs.

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PIT Tag Orders of 1,000+ 

VAKI Aquaculture Solutions

Biomark now sells and services VAKI aquaculture equipment in the US & Canada.

Short Term Monitoring

The Biomark Inflatable Floating Antenna is ideal for mobile detection applicaitons & small scale, short-term monitoring.

Easy, Cost Effective Genetic Sampling

The Biomark Tissue Sampling Unit, or TSU, enables researchers to capture high-quality genetic samples, easily & cost-effectively.