• CARP Solutions
    Learn how CARP Solutions uses the Biomark HPR Lite in their spawning migration process.
  • Leveraging Biomark Litz Cord Antenna Systems to Evaluate Fish Passage and Movement
    Photos were taken by Mike Hall, Field Biologist. Biomark’s Biological Services team is leveraging Biomark Litz Cord Antenna Systems to evaluate fish passage and movement in side channels of the Lemhi River. Field Biologist Mike Hall explained, “We are using these…
  • Recording: Small Scale Monitoring System Webinar
    The Biomark small-scale PIT-Tag detection system is a cost-effective way to monitor small mammals, like bats, rats, ground squirrels, pikas and petrels, across multiple locations. The system uses a single reader to multiplex among up to 8 or 16 antennas. Join Steve Anglea, Director of Project Sales, for the Small Scale Monitoring System webinar.
  • Biomark’s Inflatable Floating Antenna System
    The all NEW Device Manager combines BioTerm, BioStat, and Tag Manager into a single application, making it easier to manage reader settings and download PIT Tag data.
  • Advanced Analytics for Fish & Habitat Relationships Webinar Recording
    This webinar recording showcases how generating near real-time estimates of carrying capacity by species and life stage, can provide actionable information for habitat restoration and recovery planning.
  • Biomark Applies Novel Methodology to Endangered Salmon Populations in the Pacific Northwest
    Biomark announced the publication of a research study designed to estimate the carrying capacity for juvenile salmon using quantile random forest models, which demonstrate the viability of guiding habitat restoration efforts that could de-list salmon from the endangered species list.
  • Netherlands Workshop
    Join the Biomark Workshop hosted at Sportvisserij Nederland
  • First of its Kind Spillway PIT Tag Detection System
    Biomark products and technology can be deployed pretty quickly. Some custom systems, however can take a little longer. Read about this one of a kind project, 13 years in the making.
  • Recording of Sea Turtle Tagging Database: The Dedicated Repository for Sea Turtle PIT Tag Data Webinar
    The Small Scale Flexible IS1001 Cord Antenna is a versatile product that is perfect for applications both terrestrial and aquatic. In this webinar we cover the best steps to follow when first using your system to ensure proper function. We will also discuss ways to find the best orientation of the product for your needs. Because the Cord Antenna can take on several shapes and sizes, you will view examples in which we have seen great success that may be comparable to your application. After joining me you will have the confidence to deploy this antenna successfully and start collecting your data.
  • First Install of 2021
    Our team was out on a chilly Italian morning to complete this first install of the year.
  • Nebraska Game and Parks Mussel Study
    Nebraska Game and Parks shares about their Mussel Study using Biomark equipment.
  • NEWS RELEASE: Biomark Launches Open-Access, Sea Turtle Tagging Database
    Biomark announced the launch of a database that will further sea turtle research and conservation efforts where biologists and others in the conservation community can work collaboratively to exchange tagging and sighting information.