Welcome to our Biomark Webinar Series. Watch as Director of Project Sales, Steve Anglea walks you through the small-scale detection system. This system is a cost-effective way to monitor small mammals, like bats, rats, ground squirrels, pikas and petrels across multiple locations. Steve outlines the difference between the different sizes of antennas, monitoring boxes, and cords to choose from. Watch as he introduces the all-new Device Manager Software! Steve walks through the different entities of Device Manager using the small scale system. He utilized two different small-scale antennas as well as multiple different types of tags to complete the demonstration. You can also see all the different pass-through and pass-by orientations that set-up using the small-scale system. Learn how to pull data from Device Manager and how to adjust certain settings to ensure you monitor your data seamlessly! If you have any questions after the webinar, please contact [email protected] or call 208-275-0011. One of our Biomark experts would be happy to answer any questions on your small-scale monitoring application!