Biomark has a long history of serving the aquaculture community around the world, supporting facilities that raise and process tilapia, salmon, catfish, shrimp, and sea bass, to name a few.

Aquaculture Research & Broodstock Management Solutions

Aquaculture facilities and breeding programs around the world have adopted Biomark equipment as an integral part of

  • Broodstock management plans
  • Feed and vaccine trials
  • Genetic research programs

PIT Tags for a Variety of Applications

We proudly supply PIT tags in a variety of sizes and styles to many aquaculture facilities around the world. For the most part, these facilities use the GPT12 and APT12 PIT tags that are pre-loaded in trays of 100. We also offer individual tags for use with syringe style implanters and reusable needles, which are used to tag smaller volumes of fish. Biomark PIT Tags are low frequency 134.2 kHz, ICAR registered, and ISO FDX-B certified.

Easy to Use, Cost Effective Genetic Sampling

In our years of working in research projects we identified the need for a simple, cost effective way to collect tissue for genetic sampling. In response to that need we developed the Tissue Sampling Unit. Samples can be taken in almost any environment without the risk of cross contamination, offering a high quality sample method.

Handheld PIT Tag Readers

We specialize in fisheries and wildlife specific readers. These readers are designed and engineered to meet the rigorous in-field requirements and complex remote monitoring applications. The HPR line of handheld readers offers two choices of readers. The HPR Lite reads all manufacturer RFID tags, is lightweight, and can store upto 50,000 individual PIT Tag codes. The HPR Plus offers continuous read mode, can capture up to 1.6 million tag codes, and can connect to external antennas. 

Individual Fish Identification & Biomass Data

The Biomass PIT Tag antenna combines the best of VAKI Biomass and Biomark’s PIT Tag technology. This net pen antenna collects and pairs PIT tag and biomass data onto one interface. This antenna is used to track performance of food and vaccine programs by capturing biomass for individual fish. 

Fish Pumps, Counters & Graders 

VAKI builds high quality fish pumps, counters, and graders. Their equipment pairs with the VAKI SmartFlow system, which enables the user to remotely manage and optimize the equipment. Biomark sells and services VAKI equipment for North America.

Improved Data Collection

Data Collection Module (DCM) is a software application designed for streamlining data collection and data management. DCM custom data fields can be 

Custom PIT Tag Antenna Systems

Biomark builds high quality, reliable custom antennas. Pictured is a custom antenna and reader system built for a challenging, high noise environment, to provide excellent PIT tag detection efficiency. The technology was paired with a ‘sort by code’ system to divert identified fish to other areas of the facility.


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