Fish Tagging Services

The Biomark team has PIT tagged more than 1 million fish. Let our team support your next mass fish tagging project.

Fish Tagging Services

Biomark employees have tagged more than 1 million fish for hatcheries and environmental studies that monitor fish movement. Fish are tagged using the body cavity technique with single use needles to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

The size of the project determines the equipment used and size of the crew. Given our experience with tagging, we are very efficient and effective in our process. For example, a crew of four can tag 5,000 fish in one day.

Mass Fish PIT Tagging Details

1 station crew of 3 can PIT tag 5,000 fish in 1 day

Approximately 15% lengths provided

99% accurate lengths

Less than .5% mortality

Less than .5% shed tag

All equipment and personnel provided

Minimal assistance required from hatchery staff for crowding fish

Tagging equipment/trailer sterile prior to being on site

UV sterilized/bag filter water filtration in recirculating water


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