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Litz Cord Antenna System

The Litz Cord Antenna System is a high-power, single-conductor cord antenna that can be configured with the IS1001 reader housed in a shore-based enclosure or with the IS1001 in a submersible enclosure. Due to the interaction between antennas when in a pass-by orientation, the antenna can be deployed as a single standalone unit and not multiplexed or synchronized with other pass-by antennas.

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Prices do not include rungs, anchors, readers, or enclosures, which vary by application. Power supply/source not included. Call for pricing.

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Litz Cord Specification Sheet

Additional information

Additional information

Litz Cord Antenna System30′ (9 m) Antenna System, 40′ (12 m) Antenna System, 60′ (18 m) Antenna System, 80′ (24 m) Antenna System

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