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VAKI Fish Pumps

VAKI Fish Pumps are precision manufactured from the highest-quality materials to ensure that you have a safe, gentle, fast way to transfer fish. They are available in 6″, 8″ and 10″ sizes in Basic or Smart Pump models. For many years, Aquaculturists around the world have utilized the robust, proven performance of VAKI Fish Pumps to move salmon, trout, char, tilapia, hybrid striped bass, mackerel, anchovy, yellow-tail, shrimp, and many other species. From an economic standpoint, VAKI Fish Pumps are capable of reducing operating costs and dramatically improving efficiency.

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For the most up to date information on the VAKI Fish Pumps, as well as videos and images please visit: https://vakiiceland.is/pumps/


• Cart-mounted pump includes a stainless steel cart with large pneumatic tires.
• Self-priming via a rugged industrial priming pump.
• Fish can be transferred over long, horizontal distances.
• Can be supplied with fittings for easy change between different camlock sizes.
• Cast aluminum precision hand-polished single vane balanced impeller.
• Optional wireless remote control.
• Pumps are easily reduced to multiple inlet and outlet configurations:
– 6“- 152mm (6“), 102mm (4“) & 50mm (2“)
– 8“- 203mm (8“) and 254mm (10“)


• Very gentle on fish – fish in the water at all times
• High capacity
• Precision control
• Easy to set-up and move around the site
• Reduced labor costs and eliminating the need to lift heavy nets and buckets


The VAKI Fish Pump is self-priming and is equipped with a rugged industrial priming pump.


The balanced ‘wheelbarrow’ design of the pump and large pneumatic tires means it is very easy for one person to move the pump around between tanks or cages and over rough and uneven surfaces.


The VAKI Fish Pumps can easily be changed to accept different camlock sizes and fittings on both the inlet and outlet.


VAKI Fish Pumps have a unique impeller design that allows fish and shrimp to pass through safely and efficiently. The key to the high performance and gentle fish handling of this pump is in the impeller itself, which is cast, balanced and hand polished.


Available as an option on all electrically powered VAKI Fish Pumps, the Remote Control puts complete control of the fish pump where it’s most needed, with the operator. The wireless transmitter has a long-range and is weatherproof and ergonomic. Its functions allow the operator to turn the prime pump on & off, impeller motor on & off, and control the rotational speed of the impeller.


The self-priming system means that moving fish becomes a simple one-person operation. Simply wheel the pump to your desired position, put the inlet hose into the tank or cage, prime, and start pumping. All pumps feature fully variable drive systems, meaning fine control over pump speeds can be achieved. The powerful priming pump means that a 6” or 8“ line can very quickly be primed from up to 3m below the pump. Restoring prime, if it is lost, is also very straightforward—just turn the prime pump back on. The pump can be used with any combination of different camlock sizes. Larger diameter output lines can also be used.

Additional information

Additional information

Size10″ Fish Pump, 6″ Fish Pump, 8″ Fish Pump

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