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Riverwatcher PIT

The Vaki Riverwatcher-PIT integrates a Biomark IS1001 reader and antenna into the Vaki Riverwatcher system. The PIT-tag detection system consists of a shielded antenna that can be mounted to either side of the Riverwatcher tunnel, a low profile submersible IS1001 enclosure, and a 100 ft cable to connect to the Vaki Riverwatcher enclosure. The shielded antenna limits the detection field to the opening of the antenna, preventing the detection of fish that are either in the tunnel or positioned outside of the opening. The PIT-tag detection system can be accessed using Biomark’s Device Manager application on the Vaki Riverwatcher panel computer. Each detection is appended with the date and time of detection to facilitate association with Riverwatcher imaging.

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For the most up to date information on the Riverwatcher Fish Counter, as well as videos and images please visit: https://www.riverwatcher.is/

The Riverwatcher is installed in fish ladders, pools, traps or similar places where the fish in a river have to pass. When a fish swims through the scanner, the resulting silhouette image is used to count and estimate the size of each fish.

The Riverwatcher software is used to analyze and present the data from the fish counter. It is possible to examine the migration pattern of fish over a particular period, by size groupings or for a particular time of day.
Temperature can be examined for a particular period, and silhouette images of each fish can be analyzed to verify the count.

Main Features of the Riverwatcher:

  • Can be paired with a Biomark PIT Tag antenna system
  • Counts fish with more than 98% accuracy.
  • Measures the size of each fish with more than 95% accuracy.
  • The control unit stores an image of every fish that passes the scanner, so the counting can be verified afterwards.
  • The date and time of day that each fish passes the scanner is recorded.
  • The water temperature is measured at 3 hour intervals.
  • Power (12V) can be supplied from a solar panel kit in remote locations or a main transformer.
  • The counter can easily be adjusted for use in all fish ladders, dams, traps and similar places.
  • Riverwatcher database software is used to download and present all data and images.
  • It is possible to connect several counters together and monitor rivers where there are no fishways.
  • The Photo Tunnel option ensures optimal digital image and video quality.


  • Comparison of catch figures and the movement pattern of the fish to calculate the exploitation rate.
  • Comparison of the movement pattern of the fish from one year to another.
  • Evaluation of the results of rearing and smolt releases.
  • Assessment of the influence of different environmental factors.
  • Assessment of the efficiency of the fish ladder.
  • Valuable data for better fisheries management.
  • Identification of species, sex, wild/farmed fish etc.

Riverwatcher is manufactured by Vaki, a leading brand of Biomark. For additional information about the Riverwatcher, visit the full website at riverwatcher.is.

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The Riverwatcher currently counts and monitors migration patterns of fish in over 500 rivers worldwide, in fish ladders, weirs and passes.