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BioLogic Site Module

Biomark’s BioLogic™ Site Module subscription web portal provides near real-time access to view the status of remote PIT-tag detection sites. See product overview for more details.

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BioLogic Site Module works in concert with Biomark’s Data Collection Application. Data is retrieved every 4-hrs and displayed in the BioLogic web portal. Key metrics displayed include: last tag detected, last connection, input voltage, antenna noise, current and capacitance along with other metrics such as water flow levels and temperature.

Users can be notified automatically, via email, if a site variable deviates from a specified range. Diagnostic and tag detection data can be viewed and exported directly to CSV files. BioLogic is an effective tool for managing O&M labor and minimizing downtime; resulting in a robust dataset. Detection sites can be grouped to allow related users the ability to see where their tags are detected across a geographic region.

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Biologic Specification Sheet

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