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Environmental Probe Interface Board

Environmental Probe Interface Board

The Biomark Environmental Probe interface board provides connectivity and data logging capabilities for the Campbell Scientific 109 Temperature Probe, CS450 and CS451 pressure and temperature probe. (Can be used with any Biomark monitoring system.)

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Our expert project managers will guide you to ensure you have all the cables necessary for your unique site . Antenna cable (with or without conduit), antenna exciter cable, DOP cable and CAN Bus cable are available for purchase by the foot for those doing their own installations.

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IS1001 Reader

The IS1001 is a high performance RFID PIT Tag reader designed for applications requiring low power consumption and high adaptability to environmental changes.

IS1001 Submersible Enclosure

For optimal performance, the IS1001 should be placed as close to its respective antenna as possible. Biomark designed the IS1001 submersible enclosure for in-river systems operating with the Master Controller.

IS1001 Master Controller

The Multiplexing Transceiver System (MTS) consists of a Master Controller (MC) and up to 12 IS1001 readers. The MC acts as the command, control, and data collection center for PIT Tag monitoring.

Biomark manufactures our durable IS1001 Reader compatible antennas from HDPE materials. They are available in standard 10′ and 20′ lengths.

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