Recording: Small Scale Monitoring System Webinar

by | July 12, 2021 | Biological ServicesWebinar 

Welcome to our Biomark Webinar Series. Watch as Director of Project Sales, Steve Anglea walks you through the small-scale detection system. This system is a cost-effective way to monitor small mammals, like bats, rats, ground squirrels, pikas and petrels across multiple locations. Steve outlines the difference between the different sizes of antennas, monitoring boxes, and cords to choose from. Watch as he introduces the all-new Device Manager Software! Steve walks through the different entities of Device Manager using the small scale system. He utilized two different small-scale antennas as well as multiple different types of tags to complete the demonstration. You can also see all the different pass-through and pass-by orientations that set-up using the small-scale system. Learn how to pull data from Device Manager and how to adjust certain settings to ensure you monitor your data seamlessly! If you have any questions after the webinar, please call 208-275-0011 or contact One of our Biomark experts would be happy to answer any questions on your small-scale monitoring application! 

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The single 6″ small scale antenna is ideal for terrestrial applications, connect up to 16 antennas.

The single 3″ small scale antenna is ideal for terrestrial applications, connect up to 16 antennas.

Biomark developed a small-scale PIT-tag detection system to cost-effectively monitor multiple antennas. The system uses a single reader to multiplex among up to 8 or 16 antennas.

Biomark’s Inflatable Floating Antenna System

by |  July 8, 2021  | Product Feature

The Biomark Inflatable Floating Antennas are ideal for mobile detection applications and small-scale, short-term monitoring projects. The unit easily deflates and rolls up into a custom duffle bag for mobility. In response to challenging research needs, Biomark incorporated UV-resistant whitewater raft material in our inflatable antenna design. The result is a durable, multipurpose antenna.

Specifically designed for the IS1001 24V readers.

IS1001 reader, submersible enclosure, and cabling all sold separately.

Specifically designed for the IS1001 24V readers.

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Purchasing an inflatable antenna? Look no further than the K-Pump for a quick and easy way to inflate your PIT Tag floating antenna.

The Biomark Inflatable Floating Antenna is ideal for mobile detection and small scale, short term PIT tag monitoring projects.

IS1001 Reader

The IS1001 is a high performance RFID PIT Tag reader designed for applications requiring low power consumption and high adaptability to environmental changes.

Biomark offers antenna cables to extend the monitoring length of the antennas. Not included with antennas, sold separately.